‘Next Generation Translation Tools’ day workshop (free)

Swansea University, Tuesday 19 July 2016

Please note that the workshop will take place in the James Callaghan Lecture theatre. This is building 4 on the Singleton Campus map.

The European Master’s in Translation Network, in conjunction with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation and with the participation of SDL International and Televic, is preparing a major international research project to investigate the use of current translation tools by both professional translators and student trainees, and to identify areas for improvement. The project will focus in particular on:

  1. Process: the (cognitive) ergonomics of tools use;
  2. Product: the degree to which tool use changes the characteristics of target texts across a very wide range of language pairs.

A key stage in preparing the project is a July workshop in Swansea at which members of the project team from around Europe will present their recent relevant research (see Programme). In view of the inherent interest of these presentations for other translation researchers (including PhD students) and translator trainers, the workshop is now being opened up to a wider audience. Attendance is free and will include refreshments and a buffet lunch, but interested participants must register online for the event.

The workshop is hosted by Swansea’s Centre On Digital Arts and Humanities (CODAH) and Language Research Centre (LRC), with the support of the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH). It is funded by a generous grant from the CHERISH-DE digital innovations project at Swansea University.

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